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  • Best of 2007: Careers

    As always, finance executives were seeking guidance about how to move up in 2007 — at their current companies, or elsewhere. For tips on how to climb the career ladder, they were willing to learn from both the failures and successes of others. December 19, 2007

  • To Tell the Truth

    For finance executives, the price of lying and making errors on résumés or in interviews is higher than it is for others. Experts offer tips on how to spot problems, and warnings on how to avoid them in your own job-hunting. November 21, 2007

  • Third Rails for Résumé Writing

    Six traps that recruiters warn will make them toss a finance executive's résumé. October 12, 2007

  • Getting a Résumé Right

    Six tips from executive recruiters about how finance executives can catch their eye, and then win them over. October 11, 2007

  • Getting "Fit" for Your Next CFO Job

    Tip: If you have 2 years under your belt, stay for 1 more. In the hunt for talent, says finance recruiter Walter Williams, experience with a company similar in "life cycle" is often paramount. October 11, 2007

  • A Perfect Fit

    The demand for finance talent may be soaring, but candidates refuse to settle for just any job. November 1, 2006

  • Job Picture Bright for Finance, Accounting

    ''Demand is especially high'' for individuals with Securities and Exchange Commission reporting experience, according to a new survey. June 15, 2006

  • More Questions from Finance Recruiters

    One recruiter refers to his interview notes later, when checking references, to "see how big the delta is" between the candidate's self-appraisal and the word on the Street. March 1, 2006

  • Hire Power

    Even if you're not looking for a job, a job may be looking for you. February 24, 2006

  • Do You Have Any Questions for Us?

    Finance chiefs suggest different approaches to one of the toughest parts of the job interview. February 16, 2006

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