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  • CPA Ascendant

    With accounting savvy more important than ever, is the CPA the new must-have credential for finance execs? June 18, 2004

  • Avoiding Decision Traps

    Cognitive biases and mental shortcuts can lead managers into costly errors of judgment. June 17, 2004

  • But Can You Teach It?

    No form of education is more commercialised than management education. But are business schools teaching the right things? May 21, 2004

  • Talking to the Press

    ''You don't have to be Mr. Personality,'' but finance executives do need to be comfortable with the media when sharing their company's message. April 30, 2004

  • Are You the CFO Type?

    For finance executives, a personality assessment can be very revealing about your preferences -- and about your opportunities for growth. April 23, 2004

  • Developing a Circle of Trusted Advisors

    Here's how to develop your own circle of trusted advisors while avoiding conflicts of interest. April 2, 2004

  • Fly out of That Pigeonhole

    Don't stay cooped up in finance. Take a broader view of your company and you'll have a better opportunity to broaden your career as well. March 12, 2004

  • Rounding Out Your Skills and Experience

    CPAs are back in vogue, but don't forget the MBA. Skills and experience in both accounting and finance are best for a full career. February 27, 2004

  • Executive M.B.A. Grads Look Elsewhere

    Corporations are using tuition reimbursement for E.M.B.A. programs as a cost effective-way to help employees transition to a new job. December 26, 2003

  • What CFOs Learn from the Factory Floor

    The latest industrial revolution isn't emerging on the assembly line -- it's focusing on the bottom line. But the long-term gains don't come without some short-term strains. November 10, 2003

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