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  • Hard Times

    Why finance executives are overworked and under stress. November 5, 2004

  • A Tale of Two Worlds

    Having work pressures interfere with home responsibilities is nothing new to CFOs. They just want to know if it's possible to have the best finance staff, the best career, and a life all at the same time. November 1, 2004

  • Prospecting for Your Next Job

    If you find yourself stuck in a job-hunting rut, it may be time to start digging somewhere else. In other words, stop merely looking for a job and start actively prospecting for one. October 22, 2004

  • Can We Talk?

    Ironically, as the amount of communication between auditors and top executives has increased, the content of these conversations has become much more restricted. October 8, 2004

  • Raising Red Flags

    As they identify control weaknesses, companies find a common one: inadequate finance staffs. September 1, 2004

  • Fault Lines

    Should divisional CFOs have a primary reporting loyalty to the group CFO or to their business unit chief? August 20, 2004

  • Learning to Make Decisions as a Team

    From Cornell University: Making good decisions means seeing the world ''from a different point of view than from the micro-world of numbers.'' August 1, 2004

  • Offshoring the Finance Function

    A Singaporean holding company whose main assets are run from the U.S., and an American corporation that generates half of its revenues from the Asian region, have taken very different approaches to offshoring the finance function. July 14, 2004

  • Office Politics

    Banned from making political donations, companies harvest them from employees instead. July 12, 2004

  • The Ephemeral Finance Executive

    Overworked CFOs are turning to interim finance managers for help. But that could jeopardize quality improvements. June 29, 2004

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