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  • Stand by Me

    While finance and IT don't always see eye to eye, many companies have learned how to transform a mere reporting relationship into a true partnership. Could this be the path to genuine alignment? September 15, 2004

  • Coping with Complexity

    While hardware and software now cost less, companies pay a big price -- literally and metaphorically -- to hook it all together. Maybe they should rearchitect. September 15, 2004

  • Techs and the City

    Toward a new way of thinking about the many-headed beast that is IT. May 26, 2004

  • Why Is Your CIO Ticked Off?

    Or, what your CIO would really like to say to you if only the job market were better. April 21, 2004

  • The Big Sleep

    With the economy on the upswing, business managers look to revive IT projects. It's not always easy. April 7, 2004

  • Why Not Every Job Translates Overseas

    For one company, exporting some jobs to India ultimately led to adding a small but important number of new, higher-level positions in the United States. March 30, 2004

  • Olympian Tasks for a Finance Team

    Preparations for the Athens Olympics have sputtered since the beginning. But an innovative finance organisation might just get it over the finishing line on time. March 25, 2004

  • ROI: Beyond Mere Numbers-Crunching

    Recipes for IT success from three companies that go well beyond mere numbers-crunching. June 15, 2003

  • Get Smart

    To build better IT projects, start by building a better project manager. March 17, 2003

  • Case Study: What If Your ERP Can't Deliver?

    CFOs at the AICPA aim to mitigate risk as they install an enterprise resource planning system. (Last of a series.) April 19, 2001

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