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  • The Turning Point

    What options do companies have when their industries are dying? April 1, 2005

  • HP Reinvents, Slowly

    With Carly Fiorina gone, HP looks within for some new directions. March 30, 2005

  • Future Shock

    How can CFOs create value in uncertain times? Five experts offer fresh answers. March 1, 2005

  • Innovation Blowback: Disruptive Management Practices from Asia

    Western companies think too narrowly about the emerging world. If they aren't careful, they may end up as defenders, not attackers. February 16, 2005

  • How CPM Software Empowers Users

    Corporate performance management software is faster and easier to use than traditional spreadsheets. CPM software offers improved information integrity and flow, and it enables users to develop analytic approaches tailored to their companies' needs. February 15, 2005

  • IT, Compliance, and Performance Management

    Companies have adopted ERP applications to automate many of their transactions and business processes. What's missing is a unified, integrated view of performance information that includes and analyzes data from ERP and other applications. February 9, 2005

  • The Long Haul

    As airlines struggle to survive, the role of finance in decision-making takes off. February 1, 2005

  • Fool's Gold

    Acquirers seeking synergies would do well to shrink their expectations. February 1, 2005

  • Serving Up Dividends: The 2004 Free Cash Flow Scorecard

    A new study of corporate cash flow shows that most of the nation's largest companies can increase dividend payments without jeopardizing their ability to grow. January 1, 2005

  • Growth Mode

    Finding new ways to grow a company in today's tough climate isn't easy. These CFOs show how it can be done. December 30, 2004

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