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  • Betting the Ranch on Your Company

    While ''prediction markets'' offer a venue to wager on the rise of a politician or the fall of a business executive, they might also provide a basis for useful corporate decision-making. March 6, 2006

  • Not So Small, Still Beautiful

    As companies grow in size and complexity, they must preserve the creativity and open communication that helped them flourish in the first place. March 3, 2006

  • Measuring Performance in Services

    Services are more difficult to measure and monitor than manufacturing processes, but executives can rein in variance and boost productivity if they implement rigorous metrics. February 15, 2006

  • First, Forget What Works

    The success of an innovative new business may depend on forgetting what makes the core business tick. February 13, 2006

  • Thomas May, Boston Symphony Orchestra

    New artistic management has brought an expanded financial challenge along with its expanded repertoire. How does the finance side of the organization maintain its share of the orchestra's good reviews? February 8, 2006

  • Diminishing Returns for Outsourcing?

    The benefits may be harder to come by than is widely assumed, and they could become even more elusive if a new international rule is embraced by the Financial Accounting Standards Board. January 30, 2006

  • Distortions and Deceptions in Strategic Decisions

    Companies are vulnerable to misconceptions, biases, and plain old lies. But not hopelessly vulnerable. January 16, 2006

  • Sitting Tight: The 2005 Capital Spending Scorecard

    Our second annual capital spending scorecard shows that many, if not most, companies have reason to be wary about new spending. December 29, 2005

  • Days of Wine and Mergers

    Small domestic wineries struggle to compete in a fast-consolidating market. December 27, 2005

  • Two Views of Virtue

    The corporate social responsiblity movement is picking up steam. Should you worry about it? December 15, 2005

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