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  • Big City Blues

    What's wrong with cities, and why it matters to business. February 1, 2005

  • Growth Mode

    Finding new ways to grow a company in today's tough climate isn't easy. These CFOs show how it can be done. December 30, 2004

  • Measure Performance with the Right Data

    Acquiring and managing accurate data on working capital is the first step toward improved performance. New, custom metrics and greater transparency can demonstrate the importance of working capital management to the overall business. December 29, 2004

  • Steering Customers to the Right Channels

    Migrating customers to a new channel can be a pain for them, the company, and its channel partners. But the rewards can make the effort worthwhile. November 16, 2004

  • Testing the Top Line

    Analyzing a company's sources of revenue can bring insights into growth. October 19, 2004

  • Outsourcing Risks Worry the Wary

    Senior finance executives in the pharmaceutical industry say their enthusiasm for outsourcing is tempered by regulatory, data security, and process integrity risks. October 14, 2004

  • Hockey Fight

    A brawl over accounting could give the National Hockey League a black eye. September 29, 2004

  • The Food Chain

    Europe's giant food retailers have accumulated massive buyer power, forcing strategic change right through the supply chain. August 23, 2004

  • Does Microsoft Need China?

    The tech giant is on the rebound, but its future may lie in how it decides to adapt its pricing model to the developing world. August 10, 2004

  • Deploying CRM Analytics Software

    Businesses are deploying analytical software to get a better fix on customer behavior. July 6, 2004

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