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  • A Capital New Year?

    After sucking up a mere $29 billion and countless barrels of ink in 1999 alone, Y2K mania threatens to ripple into the New Year as a financial hangover. January 1, 2000


    More M&A-insurance products are helping prepare risk-ridden merger candidates before the honeymoon. December 1, 1999

  • CFO Job-Hopping

    CFO Job-Hopping December 1, 1999

  • What New Year's Eve?

    CFOs sit out this New Year's Eve December 1, 1999

  • ...And Bonding Direct

    Bonding Direct December 1, 1999

  • Emission Incentives

    BP Amoco is busy figuring out the cheapest way to cut greenhouse-gas emissions December 1, 1999

  • Who Knows?

    Once they learn what it is, companies can embrace knowledge management profitably. December 1, 1999


    FASB is ready to turn out the lights on the new economy's favorite accounting practices. December 1, 1999

  • The Online Option

    It's cheaper, faster, and easier to distribute than live classes. But is it effective? December 1, 1999

  • Go-Go Gadgets?

    This holiday season, the latest technology gifts are faster, lighter, and more connected than ever. December 1, 1999

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