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  • A "Carrier" Is Sinking

    Despite pronouncements from the business community that a comprehensive reform of the nation's system for distributing securities is dead, the agency proposing the omnibus measure isn't abandoning ship. February 1, 2000

  • Out of the IRS Penalty Box

    If your company was one of the 3.8 million to receive a payroll tax penalty notice from the Internal Revenue Service last year, there's a 90 percent chance that the penalty was too high. January 1, 2000

  • "No-Talk," No Good?

    Provisions in merger agreements that prohibit the boards of target companies from talking to other suitors are "pernicious" and a form of "willful blindness." January 1, 2000

  • Is Sales Tax on the Internet Around the Corner?

    For now, online retailers are still enjoying the benefits of a moratorium on most Internet state and local sales taxes put in place when Congress passed the Internet Tax Freedom Act in 1998. January 1, 2000

  • Help for Web Feats

    Although everyone knows you shouldn't judge a company by its Web site, the growth of Internet research and investing is raising the bar for online information. January 1, 2000

  • Say Good-bye to the Maytag man

    Man At The Top January 1, 2000

  • A Segment Checkup

    New regulations requiring diligent business segment reporting went into effect last year, but so far the Securities and Exchange Commission hasn't been particularly pleased with the results required under Financial Accounting Standard 131. January 1, 2000

  • Changing Attitudes at Cargill

    Overhauling internal audit earns Cargill its first REACH Award. January 1, 2000

  • Delivering the Goods

    Delivering the Goods:New services and software can help E-businesses get a grip on order management and fulfillment. January 1, 2000

  • A Bias For Charges

    Restructuring charges are the rage. But they can come back to haunt you. January 1, 2000

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