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  • IBM Seeks the Solution Within

    The computer giant deploys its core technical expertise on its own internal systems. January 1, 1999

  • This Bug's Life

    With 2000 a year away, it's time for CFOs to take on the role of exterminator. January 1, 1999

  • Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

    The fifth annual SG&A survey. December 1, 1998

  • Twin Peaks

    Federal-Mogul's ambitious goals conflict: grow to $10 billion and regain investment-grade status. December 1, 1998

  • Our Favorite Things

    Holiday gifts; plus, remote control for HR. December 1, 1998

  • A Shot in the Arm for Owens & Minor

    The medical-supplies distributor is winning new business and cutting costs with the help of a customer-friendly data warehouse. December 1, 1998

  • Misreporting Results

    Recent accounting frauds may point to deeper problems. But it will take more than new accounting rules to solve them. December 1, 1998

  • New Regs for Deadly Convertibles

    Deadly convertibles are eyeballed by the the NASD. December 1, 1998

  • Cat Calls

    A new finance chief at Caterpillar Inc.; and more. December 1, 1998

  • Ford's Drive for Credibility

    Under the leadership of CFO John Devine, the second-largest company in America has become the most believable. December 1, 1998

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