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  • Guru of the New Economy

    Worried about keeping up with the dot-coms? Top business strategist Adrian Slywotzky offers plenty of sage advice. September 1, 1999

  • Local Banks Want to Bond

    Opening up investment banking to banks regulated by the OCC will change the financial landscape for middle-market services. September 1, 1999

  • The High Price of Potential

    A study of the Inernet industry has found at least a little rhyme, if no reason, to the insane Net company valuations. September 1, 1999

  • In the Name of Rock

    Can the Hard Rock Cafe brand keep its cool - and its value - in the overheated theme-restaurant world? Scott Little is betting on it. September 1, 1999

  • Separate But Unequal

    When tax-based transfer prices fall short, a second managerial system helps some companies measure internal profits better. August 1, 1999

  • The Revolution in Planning

    Secrets from the front lines in the struggle to remake the budgeting process. August 1, 1999

  • Not at All Taxing

    IMS Health's spin-off of Gartner Group breaks new ground in tax avoidance. August 1, 1999

  • Networking and the Net

    Despite progress as a tool for hiring middle managers, Internet recruiting techniques usually yield to tradition at senior levels. August 1, 1999

  • Deal Breaker

    If computer systems don't fit, the merger may slip. August 1, 1999

  • Flying Machines

    Business travelers are flocking to a new generation of ultralight portable computers. August 1, 1999

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