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  • Warming to the Debate

    The Bush Administration must clean up its (environmental) act, writes a reader. More letters: standing by Six Sigma; cultivating attention to detail; putting deferred comp in its place. May 1, 2007

  • A Vet's True Tale

    CFO's due diligence regarding the need to ''Support Our Ex-Troops'' was completely accurate, writes a reader. More letters: exit interviews are only half the story; planning problems start with people, not software; and more. April 1, 2007

  • Behind Charities' Numbers

    The effectiveness of a charity should be measured in outputs, not inputs, writes a reader. More letters: scorecards cannot supplant managerial judgment; hedge funds aren't ''black holes''; and more. March 1, 2007

  • Native American Facts and Fiction

    ''It is incorrect to assume that any state or local efforts to fairly tax Indian businesses are either unprecedented or wholly without merit,'' writes a reader. February 1, 2007

  • Another Take on Corporate Social Responsibility

    A corporation's responsibilities are to obey the law and produce a profit. January 4, 2007

  • The Importance of Social Responsibility

    Why financial returns and social returns are not mutually exclusive; buying your dream house with your IRA; the perils of unassigned seating; Congress's financial gamesmanship; and more. December 1, 2006

  • Sticky Topics

    Financial executives should, and do, support disclosure of executive compensation. More letters: Sarbox benefits, the "transparency" of fair value, how AICPA is losing touch with members, and why employees can tell you more about customers than a survey. November 1, 2006

  • Public Info, Faster and Easier

    Two SEC staffers write that XBRL is easy to implement and will bring benefits to companies and investors. More letters to the editor: meritless benzene suits, SAS-70 superiority, hidden energy costs, and why leasing is beneficial. October 1, 2006

  • A Man's Issue, Too

    One reader asks: Do home and family really tug harder on women? More letters to the editor: Caught up in the immigration debate, Ingersoll Rand defends its efforts to train U.S. workers. August 1, 2006

  • Guiding Light

    Put your subordinates' welfare first, writes a reader. Plus more letters to the editor. July 1, 2006

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