Cash Flow

What Does Sustainability Really Cost?

Integrated financial reporting, which combines financial reporting with reporting of intangibles and other off-balance-sheet factors, needs CFOs' support, investors say.

Why Some Stocks Perform Better Than Others

High returns, growth, and low leverage are common criteria. But capital intensity is also an important factor.

What Slowing Economy? Free Cash Margins Say Otherwise

Some U.S. companies have lower free cash flow these days, but it's for a good reason.

Top Risk for Treasurers: Volatility

Treasurers want to keep earnings level over time, says a global survey. One of their biggest concerns? Counterparty risk.

Have Cash, Won't Spend

Companies are hesitating to spend their cash stores, says a recent survey.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Working capital is piling up at America's largest companies.

Big Working Capital Opportunity Seen in Europe

European companies could get almost –900 billion out of their balance sheets through better working capital management, research suggests.

Capital Ideas

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Rx for Emerging-Market Investment: Lower Hurdle Rates for Growing Nations

Companies are often too conservative, setting global investment hurdle rates too high, which can lead to under- investment and languishing share prices.

Tax and The Law

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Hitting the Books: Court Grants Nexus in Tennessee

Last month, the Tennessee Court of Appeals continued to erode the protection out-of-state retailers have from taxation if they donýt have a physical presence in a state. 


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