Internal Audit's Approach to Risk Needs Upgrading

As internal audit takes on a greater role in evaluating business-relevant risks, audit chiefs say risk-assessment processes and other risk-related functions need enhancing.

Audit Relationships More Challenging Than Audits

A new PCAOB document on how to improve relations between audit committees, audit firms, and CFOs should help, but more work is needed.

Has Sarbanes-Oxley Done Its Job?

In many respects the answer is yes, experts tell Congress as the law turns 10 years old. But more cost-benefit analysis is needed on SOX, as well as on the PCAOB's latest proposal, they say.

No-Fuss Audit Rotation Alternatives Floated

Mandatory audit rotation is anathema to many CFOs. But some new alternative approaches could take the heat out of the debate.

SEC Fines Former Huron CFO, Controller

The management-consulting firm itself paid $1 million to settle charges of underreporting compensation expenses from four acquisitions.

Suddenly, Audit Reports Get Sexy

Dull, uninformative audit reports have been part of the European accounting landscape for decades. Now international auditors will reveal a great deal more.

Do Your Internal Auditors Have the Right Skills?

Companies are putting a premium on critical thinking and data-mining expertise.

Tax and The Law

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Hitting the Books: Court Grants Nexus in Tennessee

Last month, the Tennessee Court of Appeals continued to erode the protection out-of-state retailers have from taxation if they donýt have a physical presence in a state. 

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SEC Policy Will Still Lead to Denials

Convicted companies can no longer be wishy-washy in their settlements with the regulator.


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